sam3_smHi there!

My name is Sam Gossner. I build virtual instruments for a living, and often collect physical instruments as well. As a hobbyist musicologist, I am fascinated in the history and evolution of instruments and the people that played them. By far my favorite form is the duet, and this aspect of Vobaron’s manuscript makes it one of my favorite books to play from. However, time has not been kind to Vobaron or his work; there is next to no information on the man, and the book itself, although in good shape, is relatively faded and makes for a difficult read.

As a software developer, I believe in the necessity and reality of a strong and open public domain. Outside of my work, I like to sit down and play through some of these duets and solos to keep active on trombone, and bringing the music I enjoy playing to musicians around the world is a mission that both my free time and my attention span can agree upon.

To learn more about me and the work I do, visit my website.