Reconstructing the Illustrations

The particular edition of Grande Methode de Trombonne I am working from is a somewhat problematic edition, with a rather light and weak imprint. As a result, a lot of details, such as the beautiful illustrations in the front of the book, were very lacking. I completed manual vector line-art traces of both trombonists in … More Reconstructing the Illustrations


Félix Vobaron’s Dates

Over the years, I have received a number of requests for Felix Vobaron’s dates. Until recently, I have been unable to provide anything more detailed than ‘sometime around 1800-1850’. However, thanks to some class act sleuthing by trombonist Michael Shirley, we now have our answer! Félix Joseph Francois Vobaron (1791-1848) Félix Joseph Francois Vobaron was … More Félix Vobaron’s Dates